Leave the charset encoding alone please

Yanhui Shen shen.elf at gmail.com
Wed Jun 6 13:22:11 UTC 2012

> I assume the reason why you want this is that you have MP3 files with
> invalid ID3 tags, saying that the text is in Latin-1, while in fact
> it's in some other local encoding. While it would be nice to have an
> API in TagLib to repair such files, TagLib should never support
> writting such invalid tags.

Yes, it may be GBK or some other CJK  encoding, and sometimes it's utf-8.
So I have to check the "raw" data, whether it is utf-8.
If not, I'll try to convert it to utf-8, and the user can specify the
original encoding, just behaves like firefox.

Meanwhile, I found id3lib has an API named ID3_Field::GetRawText().
I haven't tried yet, but I hope taglib could provide a similar API.

Best regards,
Yanhui Shen
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