Leave the charset encoding alone please

Yanhui Shen shen.elf at gmail.com
Wed Jun 6 08:08:20 UTC 2012


I hacked the source code of taglib,
in String.cpp, I add "t = Latin1", for each function who has a paramater
"Type t",
then in my tag parser plugin, I just use "str.to8Bit()" to get std::string,
and do the charset checking & conversion in my upper layer.
It works pretty fine.

Anyway, I DO NOT think taglib should take care about charset encoding.
All the charset related code should be dropped.
Because upper layer can do this much more professional, and has its own
mechanism to handle it.

Of course I know the ID3 spcification may also cover about the charset
encoding issue.
But its NOT the taglib's responsibility,
all taglib need to do is to fetch the raw text data, store the raw text
data provided by upper layer.
So wchar_t is useless, wstring is useless, and even tstring.h & unicode.h
is useless! char and std::string is enough for it.

Best regards,
Yanhui Shen
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