TagLib, Objective-C & Ludlam's framework

Ferenc taglib-devel at bezemkast.nl
Thu Jul 26 19:27:44 UTC 2012

I should add that I thought writing an id3-editing app would be best 
for learning Obj-C.

It also appeared to me that incorporating Taglib would speed 
development up noticeably. Rolling Taglib into an (private) Xcode 
framework looks like the best way to do this, preferably with an Obj-C 
wrapper. I tried Nick Ludlam's handy pre rolled Taglib framework. On its 
own this compiles, but including it in a project seems to get me into 
mixing up Obj-C & C++ code, which confuses the compiler of course.

Others pointed me to Stephen Booth's app "Max", I'm looking into this 


2012-07-25 22:23:
> Hi there!
> I'm trying to get started in Objective-C & using Taglib & learning
> Xcode (apple's IDE) at the same time. Never one to shy away from
> blatant laziness, I'd like to know if there's example code to copy^W
> learn from.
> I particularly seem to be unable to find a project in OS X that uses 
> Taglibs.
> Thanks!
> Ferenc
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