Some problems observed

Geoffrey Leach geoff at
Fri Jul 13 23:44:38 UTC 2012

What follows are some observations I made cleaning up the Perl 
distribution Audio::Taglib against taglib 1.5. The distribution has 
been verified under 1.7.2, but with the exception of the last, none 
have been verified there.

o  TagLib::ID3v2::UserTextIdentificationFrame::find static, thus not 
o  TagLib::ID3v2::ByteVectorList. toByteVector->data reviving a split.
    where there was a string ' x '. The x is lost.
    See t/TagLib_ByteVectorList.t.
o   Some mp3 version1 files using a sample rate of 44100 will 
    get an 'Invalid sample rate' error. Perhaps a badly constructed 
     mpegheader.cpp, 235.
o   TagLib::File::writeBlock() does not +w on -w file, fails instead
o   File properties, such as +w, are acquired when the FileRef is 
    Subsequent mods outside tablib are not noticed.
o   Audio::TagLib::FLAC::File::ID3v2Tag(1) succeeds, but then after the
    file is saved, subsequent excutions result in the message:
     TagLib: FLAC::File::save()
     This can't be right -- an ID3v2 tag after the start of the FLAC 
     Not writing the ID3v2 tag
o   id3v2framefactory.cpp, 104. <= should be changed to !=

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