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Sun Jan 29 19:02:15 UTC 2012

Taglib supports album art just fine for all filetypes
 On Jan 29, 2012 2:00 PM, "Steve" <stevebell at> wrote:

> Dear all,
> this is my first post to this list so bare with me. I have no idea how
> many people read this or how high the traffic for this list is.
> I'm writing, because I desperately need a feature and it has been missing
> for several years. The story goes like this:
> I don't like iTunes anymore. It got bigger and bigger and I'm fed up with
> apple trying to sell me stuff all day long. I want to listen to music and
> not consume. So last year I gave songbird a try but: I was not able to
> import any album art for AAC files. This is rather sad, because 40% of my
> music is AAC. Speaking of a 23.000 track library that means I simply can't
> switch the format or re-rip the CDs.
> Songbird wasn't working at all on the mac anyways so I went back to iTunes.
> One year after that iTunes sucks even more and I'm still looking for an
> alternative. Just recently I discovered the great Clementine Player. Wow.
> Lightweight, stable (rather) and fast. No fuzz - I LIKE <3.
> But after importing my iTunes folder I had to notice that no album art for
> all my AAC files has been imported. Ooops! Talked to the clementine devs
> and they directed me to TabLib because that seems to be the component
> responsible for this step.
> Now I'm here, begging for AAC album art support. Is that possible? It's so
> important and has been missing form the first time I tired Songbird
> severeal years ago.
> I'd love to see this. And I assume a few thousand other users would as
> well. And the devs of clementine and/or songbird would probably all be
> delighted to see this being supported since they don't seem to be able to
> do anything about it.
> This got a bit long, sry for that, but I think its very important and the
> passion arose while writing :P
> All the best, steve
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