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In article <000301cde09a$10b51260$321f3720$>, Tony 
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>This has not been my experience.  I created a static library for Taglib 1.5
>on Visual Studio 2005, years ago, and included the .LIB files in Visual
>Studio 2005, 2008, and 2010 projects.  Compiling a DLL should similarly be
>compiler independent.
>Maybe I did something unusual, but it works for me.

Yes, static libs should be fine because the run time dependencies will 
be resolved when your app is linked. DLL's (probably) won't because 
their run time dependencies need to be met when the DLL itself is 
linked. If you bring up dependency viewer on one, you'll see links to 
things like MSVCRTxx.dll where 'xx' is the Microsoft compiler version 
that it was built with.

I say *probably* because you might be able to build something that will 
work. Coming from a "C" background, if you change the compiler settings 
from dynamic to static then the DLL itself gets statically linked to the 
run time libraries. However you then need to be careful about passing 
around run time objects between your app and the DLL so things like 'C' 
file handles aren't interchangeable. Memory that is allocated in the DLL 
also needs to be free'd in the DLL ie. your app can't call 'free'. 
Keeping in mind then how much dynamic memory allocation is performed in 
C++ this would probably be a non-starter.

So in a nutshell - you should be able to use the 'C interface in this 
manner but not the C++ one.



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