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Hello Jon,

	Very true. To the OP, if you install CMake on your Windows machine taglib is very easy to compile. Don't be hesitant to try it.

Thursday, December 20, 2012, 5:07:08 PM, you wrote:

jb> Think it was me that raised this issue but from the other angle - that 
jb> if Windows binaries were provided, they would be useless for 99% of us. 
jb> The problem is taglib is a library (and a C++ one at that) and therefore 
jb> it and the executable (or other libs) are inherently tied to the runtime 
jb> libraries shipped with the compiler. This means that if you built the 
jb> library with MS-VS 2008 (and not just that but a specific release of 
jb> 2008) you need to build your executable with that same compiler. If you
jb> try and link it with an exe say built with VS-2005 it won't work.

jb> So unless someone when to the effort of producing binaries for every 
jb> compiler combination.....

jb> Rgs,

jb> Jon.

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>>On 12/20/12 6:09 AM, Krzysztof wrote:

>>> Can I somewhere download compiled binaries? I need TagLib for linux 32 /
>>> 64 bit and windows 32 / 64 bit. Manually compile for those OS (and CPU)
>>> is tricky for me.

>>I don't have any idea about windows . . .

>>Most of the major linux distros compile taglib, but don't install it by 
>>default, so you just need to use your local package manager to find and 
>>install it.


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