TagLib, Objective-C & Ludlam's framework

Ferenc taglib-devel at bezemkast.nl
Thu Aug 9 15:25:12 UTC 2012


Update. Making leaps of progress now. Well I'm beyond Hello world. More 
like hello mp3.

I've tried looking into frameworks but gave up on that. I think it's an 
added layer of difficulty. Which I might add later. I've looked into 
merging the TagLib source into my own project, which should be doable & 
I've read up on merging C++ code and Obj-C, but every compiler/linker 
error I solve throws me into the arms of the next header error. As 
someone suggested I've looked into Max and Tag from Stephen Booth, but I 
could not find how to use TagLib in XCode there. By the way the 
framework from Nick Ludlam I mentioned earlier, is a C project meant to 
be used with MacRuby. Still, I think I've gleaned useful tips from his 
work for later. (Mind you all this is because I'm a absolute n00b!)

Yesterday I stumbled onto TagLibAmalgam and that's been a godsend. 
Thank you, Vinnie Falco. I included this in the project and this worked 
right away. I'm now looking at a Obj-C object that encapsulates TagLib. 
That is wonderful.


Ferenc schreef op 2012-07-26 21:27:
> I should add that I thought writing an id3-editing app would be best
> for learning Obj-C.
> It also appeared to me that incorporating Taglib would speed
> development up noticeably. Rolling Taglib into an (private) Xcode
> framework looks like the best way to do this, preferably with an 
> Obj-C
> wrapper. I tried Nick Ludlam's handy pre rolled Taglib framework. On
> its own this compiles, but including it in a project seems to get me
> into mixing up Obj-C & C++ code, which confuses the compiler of
> course.
> Others pointed me to Stephen Booth's app "Max", I'm looking into this 
> now.
> Thanks!
> 2012-07-25 22:23:
>> Hi there!
>> I'm trying to get started in Objective-C & using Taglib & learning
>> Xcode (apple's IDE) at the same time. Never one to shy away from
>> blatant laziness, I'd like to know if there's example code to copy^W
>> learn from.
>> I particularly seem to be unable to find a project in OS X that uses 
>> Taglibs.
>> Thanks!
>> Ferenc
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