Memory Leak in Taglib version 1.7.2

Kris Gustafson kris3927gus at
Thu Aug 2 00:10:48 UTC 2012

To whom it may concern,


I believe I found a memory leak in FrameFactory (I am using VS C++ 2008) in
release version 1.7.2 of TabLib.

id3v2framefactory.cpp contains the following code:



// protected members





  d = new FrameFactoryPrivate;





  delete d;



"d" receives it's pointer from "new", but the destructor is never called.
In fact, the header file has the following comment:





       * Destroys the frame factory.  In most cases this will never be
called (as

       * is typical of singletons).


      virtual ~FrameFactory();


I have verified in the debugger this is the case, that the destructor is not


So, where would be a good place to delete "d"?


Best regards,

Kris Gustafson

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