TagLibAmalgam: A new way to use TagLib

Manfred Schwind lists at mani.de
Wed Apr 18 07:14:38 UTC 2012

That's cool news! Would like to use that.

Have you actually tried to use the amalgamated taglib?
It compiles fine for me, but if I try to use it in my code, I get compiler errors like that:

error: no member named 'ID3v2' in namespace 'TagLib'
        TagLib::ID3v2::Tag *_id3v2tag;

If I search for "namespace ID3v2", I can find it in the TagLibAmalgam.cpp file, but not in the TagLibAmalgam.h file, so there seems to be missing something ...
Maybe the relevant header files are missing in the TagLibAmalgamTemplate.h?


Am 17.04.2012 um 17:10 schrieb Vinnie Falco:

> Thanks to the help from the project maintainers, I am proud to present:
> TagLibAmalgam: https://github.com/vinniefalco/TagLibAmalgam
> This is a whole new way to include TagLib to your program. Instead of
> dealing with CMake or messy include paths, just drop the one .cpp file
> into your existing IDE-specific project file or Makefile, and include
> one .h, and presto you have TagLib!
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