use taglib to find start of the audio data?

Michael Helmling helmling at
Mon Sep 12 12:05:30 UTC 2011

Hi Taglib,

is it possible to determine at which position in the binary data of an 
audio file the audio data itself starts, i.e. where the end of the 
metadata block(s) is?
I would like to be able to generate hashes of the audio data only, in 
order to identify audio files even if they have been renamed and/or tags 
were changed; I assume that the raw audio stream itself normally never 
I am aware that this is not the original task of taglib as a metadata 
library, but I guess that the information I want is generated as a 
by-product anyway while parsing metadata, so it might be possible to 
extract it easily. Or is this generally a silly approach because there 
could be formats that interleave metadata and audio blocks, for example? 
Does anyone know how to do it otherwise? At the moment I am calling 
'mplayer -dumpaudio' as a workaround, which doesn't seem very clever 
after all. ;-)


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