About Taglib for Symbian (Qt development)

Hoài Linh Nguyễn mrsherlock88 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 14 10:33:38 UTC 2011

I use : Qt Creator in Window 7 x86. Visual Studio 9 2008, CMake 2.8.6,
latest taglib in Git.
I Generate in Cmake 2.8.6 like image attached, another hidden varialble are
I build from Visual studio 9, first, I get tag.lib file and size is 520KB.
code I use:
QString filepath = fileInfo.absoluteFilePath();

        int fnLen = filepath.length();

        wchar_t* fnWs = new wchar_t[fnLen + 1];

        fnWs[fnLen] = 0;


         TagLib::FileRef f(filepath.constData());

        TagLib::FileName filename(fnWs);

//        TagLib::FileRef f(filename);

        delete [] fnWs;

         if(!f.isNull() && f.tag())


                TagLib::Tag *tag = f.tag();

                this->artist	= TStringToQString(tag->artist());

                this->album	= TStringToQString(tag->album());

                this->title	= TStringToQString(tag->title());


With tag.lib in 520KB, only one error occurs is "cannot convert
parameter from QChar * to Taglib::FileName, no constructor found".
When change to:

//        TagLib::FileRef f(filepath.constData());

        TagLib::FileName filename(fnWs);

        TagLib::FileRef f(filename);

I get "unresolved external symbol".

After that, I re-generate with cmake, and re-build (try clean, or
delete all file, re-extract from *.tar.gz file). But I get tag.lib
with ~6MB, alway.

I try re-install CMake.

Is there other way to construct FileName from QString ? Or fix that
with new Constructor? Or I must generate with other config? Please
help, I rather to use Taglib.

Sorry for my bad English.
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