Detecting DRM protected files

Martijn van Rheenen rheenen at
Tue Mar 29 11:15:33 CEST 2011

Hi all. First, let me introduce myself a little bit: I am busy
cross-compiling TagLib for Android, which is going great so far. All general
tags, and even AlbumArt, is being extracted just the way I want with the
help of some googling and digging up some C++ knowledge / Java / JNI.

Now, to the real question: I want to be able to detect whether a file is DRM
protected. So, not only MP3, but also WMA, MP4-based files etc. Is there a
proven method to find this in a most generic and fast way for a file? Or do
I have to resort back to file-type-specific code like I had to do for Album
Art? Note that I just want a 'bool isDRMProtected()' method for this,
nothing more.

I already noticed the ID3v2 has a 'isProtected()' method, but don't know
whether that means 'DRM protected' or not...

Thanks for your time, people, and THANKS for TagLib ofcourse!
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