iterators+multithreading on win32

Brett Hoyle kickbits at
Fri Mar 18 09:26:25 CET 2011

Since these commits taglib no longer can compile under Visual Studio 2010.

\Taglib\riff\rifffile.cpp line 175
1>..\riff\rifffile.cpp(175): error C2589: '(' : illegal token on right side
of '::'
1>..\riff\rifffile.cpp(175): error C2059: syntax error : '::'

Issue is std::max "Error: expected an identifier"

Seems to be related to the include of windows.h in \taglib\toolkit\taglib.h
on line 51

Any ideas?

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the problem is that ByteVector::null is used lots of times, and each time it
is used a refcount for it is ++'ed and then --'ed

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