Compile C++/TagLib with g++?

Θεόφιλος Ιντζόγλου int.teo at
Tue Jun 28 17:47:31 CEST 2011

Στις Τρι 28 ΙοÏ
ν 2011 00:52:37 Phong Cao γράψατε:
> Hello everybody,
> I am trying to build a small music manager that uses TagLib to read metadata
> from audio streams. However, I was unable to compile the program. Here is
> what I tried:
> g++ -g /home/phongcao/dingo/ -o /home/phongcao/dingo/main `pkg-config
> taglib-config --cflags --libs gtkmm-2.4`


g++ -g /home/phongcao/dingo/ -o /home/phongcao/dingo/main `pkg-config 
taglib --cflags --libs gtkmm-2.4`

(replace taglib-config with taglib)

The pkg-config file is named taglib, however there is also a script named 
taglib-config that does something similar.

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