C++ doesn't have access() function

Anton Sergunov setosha at gmail.com
Sat Jun 11 18:51:09 CEST 2011

mingw gives me compilation error

may me those files doesn't need under other, non POSTIX OS, so if you want
to keep those calls you should exclude those files from windows builds.

2011/6/11 Stephen F. Booth <me at sbooth.org>

> 2011/6/11 Anton Sergunov <setosha at gmail.com>:
> > C++ doesn't have access() function. It's linux specific.
> I think access() is a standard POSIX function defined in unistd.h.
> What OS are you using?
> I did note that the man page says:
>     Access() is a potential security hole and should never be used.
> I don't think isReadable and isWritable are really useful, and they
> aren't used internally in TagLib as far as I can tell, so it might be
> best to remove them.
> Stephen
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