Reading/writing the "grouping" tag?

Ibrahim Sha'ath ibrahimshaath at
Mon Jul 11 12:18:51 CEST 2011

Hi all,

I'm trying to write the musical key of a track into its "grouping" iTunes
tag (it has wider support in the DJing software world than ID3's TKEY,
presumably due to the TKEY 3 char maximum). I think this is written to TPE2
in ID3 tagged files.

I see that these tags aren't covered by the simple API and I'm having some
difficulty tracking down information on how to get to them, or create them
if not present.

The audio files I'm primarily interested in are MP3s and MP4s, though it
would be ideal to have support as wide as possible. I'm working with TagLib
1.7 in Qt 4.7.4.

I'd be obliged if anyone could point me to some documentation I might have
missed in the last couple of days of Googling!

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