TagLib 1.7 RC1 released

Daniel Faust hessijames at gmail.com
Sat Feb 19 12:17:53 CET 2011


I submitted a patch to https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=254223 plus a 
remider to the mailing list and never got an answer, but maybe you would like 
to include that patch, too.

Greetings Daniel

Am Freitag, 18. Februar 2011 18:53:12 schrieben Sie:
> Even though I wasn't planning to make a 1.7 release by the time 1.6.3
> was released, moving forward with the 1.x series seems to be the
> easiest way to go. There are many new features in this version. The
> biggest ones are full support for Monkey's Audio files and cover art
> support for WMA and FLAC files. There are also a number of bug fixes.
> The reason why I decided to go with a RC is that some code had to be
> rewritten in order to add the new features, so I'd like more people to
> test it before there is a final release. Also, if I've forgotten about
> somebody's patch that should be included in the final release, please
> let me know.
> One important thing is that TagLib 1.7 no longer supports building
> using automake/autoconf. If you used this build system, try our
> CMake-based build system which was available in TagLib for a long
> time. The INSTALL document has been rewritten to cover the most
> important CMake options.
> Download:
>   * http://launchpad.net/taglib/trunk/1.7rc1/+download/taglib-1.7rc1.tar.gz
> Full changelog for this release:
>  * Support for reading/writing tags from Monkey's Audio files. (BUG:210404)
>  * Support for reading/writing embedded pictures from WMA files.
>  * Support for reading/writing embedded pictures from FLAC files
> (BUG:218696). * Implemented APE::Tag::isEmpty() to check for all APE tags,
> not just the basic ones.
>  * Added reading of WAV audio length. (BUG:116033)
>  * Exposed FLAC MD5 signature of the uncompressed audio stream via
> FLAC::Properties::signature(). (BUG:160172)
>  * Added function ByteVector::toHex() for hex-encoding of byte vectors.
>  * WavPack reader now tries to get the audio length by finding the
> final block, if the header doesn't have the information. (BUG:258016)
>  * Fixed a memory leak in the ID3v2.2 PIC frame parser. (BUG:257007)
>  * Fixed writing of RIFF files with even chunk sizes. (BUG:243954)
>  * Fixed compilation on MSVC 2010.
>  * Removed support for building using autoconf/automake.
>  * API docs can be now built using "make docs".
> Lukas

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