Newbie C question #2, TagLib, Firefox & Unicode

Jeremy Gregorio jeremy.firefox.addon at
Sun Feb 6 20:31:19 CET 2011

Hi again :). So I can now tag MP3s from my plugin, youtubemp3podcaster ( But
I'm struggling with Unicode. I wrote a function to handle the tagging, the
prototype is like so:

NS_IMETHODIMP MyComponent::Tag(const PRUnichar *path, const PRUnichar
*title, const PRUnichar *artist, const PRUnichar *album, const PRUnichar
*comment, const PRUnichar *genre, const PRUnichar *year, const PRUnichar

I'm building under Windows, so as near as I can tell from here:

the PRUnichars are just wchar_t points, which if I understand right is just
UTF16 encoded strings. Here's how the docs say PRUnichar is defined:

#if defined(NS_WIN32)
  typedef wchar_t PRUnichar;
  typedef PRUInt16 PRUnichar;

I was hoping I could just do :

TagLib::FileRef f (path);

but that blows up with a memory error, I think because FileRef expects a
simple pointer to char and I'm trying to send in a PRUnichar. So then I
tried to build a TagLib::String object hoping to pass it to FileRef, like

TagLib::String myFileName( (wchar_t*) path, TagLib::String::UTF16 );

But that crashes too. At any rate, now that I look at the class definition
for FileRef I don't know why doing

TagLib::FileRef f (path);

Works if I'm just using char*, because I don't see a constructor that takes
a char*.

If I have too I can use native types instead of PRUnichar, but it'd be nice
if I could use it since it'll make the Linux & Mac OSX ports much easier.

I know TagLib supports Unicode, but I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.
Am I just casting to the wrong types or is it more complex?

Thanks again!
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