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Op 25 aug. 2011, om 01:40 heeft Scott Wheeler het volgende geschreven:

> On Aug 24, 2011, at 11:03 PM, patrick machielse wrote:
>> The files my colleague sent me show that Traktor tags .wav files using RIFF 'INAM', 'ICMT', and 'IART' chunks (see attached image). Perhaps this can be changed in the Traktor settings?
> I'd expect this perhaps to be a Traktor 1 vs. Traktor 2 issue (Traktor 2 is the one that uses TagLib; I don't know what Traktor 1 did).  I also didn't do the Traktor integration at NI (literally the last task before I quit working there was adding this stuff to TagLib, so I'm not intimately familiar with how the integration went from there).

It seems that Traktor Pro 2 doesn't use TabLib either:


>> I'll need to check this. But it seems that adding both is not an option for me now because of the QTKit/Quicktime problem). And there shouldn't be two different tags, preferably...
> No, I didn't mean with writing multiple tags -- more what I was getting at is that very few programs write ID3v2 tags to WAV RIFF chunks.  In fact, those are the only two programs that I know that do such.  And one of them is already using TagLib, which can read either "ID3 " or "id3 " -- so what'd be interesting to figure out first is if (a) Serato can read the TagLib default and (b) if not, if it'd make sense to switch the TagLib default since it can read either format.

Upon inspection of the online code, I think I should update to TagLib 1.7 to get it to recognize both 'id3 ' and 'ID3 '. That should improve the situation WRT Serato.

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