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Op 24 aug. 2011, om 22:39 heeft Scott Wheeler het volgende geschreven:

> There's no actual standard on this, so when I was writing the code, I basically just did the same thing in WAV that is done to AIFF in iTunes (since they're such closely related formats).

Good to know.

>> - Serato adds a complete ID3v2 tag to a RIFF chunk.
>> - Traktor stores raw metadata directly in specific RIFF chunks.
> That would surprise me since TagLib's WAV support was added specifically for Traktor and Traktor uses TagLib for reading / writing tags.  (I used to work for Native Instruments.)

The files my colleague sent me show that Traktor tags .wav files using RIFF 'INAM', 'ICMT', and 'IART' chunks (see attached image). Perhaps this can be changed in the Traktor settings?


>> The wavfile module appeared to be what I needed to support Serato. However, Serato stores the tag in a chunk named 'id3' (lowercase) and wavfile expects it to be in 'ID3'. Editing the wav file results in a file with two ID3 tags in two separate chunks. (QTKit on Mac will refuse to play some of these files).
> TagLib by default writes to "ID3 " but will read both "id3 " and "ID3 ".  Does Serato not read "ID3 " chunks?

I'll need to check this. But it seems that adding both is not an option for me now because of the QTKit/Quicktime problem). And there shouldn't be two different tags, preferably...

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