several patches to taglib 1.7 (based on the tag)

Tal Sliwowicz tal at
Tue Aug 16 13:09:10 UTC 2011

Sorry about the formatting. I use slightly different formatting and couldn't
adjust my IDE just for taglib. My apologies.

About ID3v2FrameFactory - I agree it is a very small issue (unlike the ASF
one), however, I thought that when no one holds a reference, why keep the
object? Our software is server side based and must be extremely tight.

Too bad about the aac and m4v. We use it all the time so it will require us
to always patch your "formal" versions. Most of the AAC we see is in MP4.

About the debug callback - I'm not showing this to the user. It gets written
to the application logfile and is very helpful in troubleshooting issues,
even when compiled with debug (NDEBUG). Keeping it in cout and just in debug
mode is a waste. Besides - it is optional. If you do not set the callback,
it never gets called. Please consider adding it.

Thanks you for this great library!


2011/8/16 Lukáš Lalinský <lalinsky at>

> On Tue, Aug 16, 2011 at 1:45 PM, Tal Sliwowicz <tal at> wrote:
> >
> > I've created several patches based on taglib 1.7. They can easily be
> merged
> > to the the master as well.
> > 1. Fixed memory leaks.
> I disagree with "fixing" the ID3v2FrameFactory issue. It's a singleton
> that never gets more than one instance. I'll have a look at the ASF
> changes. Thank you.
> In general, the patches don't follow the TagLib coding style (no tabs,
> 2 spaces, no space after if/for), so have to be reformatted.
> > 2. Added m4v and aac files to the list of files supported after testing
> it
> > works
> I'll not merge this one, see
> for the reason.
> > 3. Added a debug callback function. I use this to print messages to the
> log
> > file instead of cout
> I'm not sure about this, the debug messages are meant to be debug
> messages, not general-purpose error messages displayed to the user.
> Lukas
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