several patches to taglib 1.7 (based on the tag)

Lukáš Lalinský lalinsky at
Tue Aug 16 12:48:17 UTC 2011

On Tue, Aug 16, 2011 at 1:45 PM, Tal Sliwowicz <tal at> wrote:
> I've created several patches based on taglib 1.7. They can easily be merged
> to the the master as well.
> 1. Fixed memory leaks.

I disagree with "fixing" the ID3v2FrameFactory issue. It's a singleton
that never gets more than one instance. I'll have a look at the ASF
changes. Thank you.

In general, the patches don't follow the TagLib coding style (no tabs,
2 spaces, no space after if/for), so have to be reformatted.

> 2. Added m4v and aac files to the list of files supported after testing it
> works

I'll not merge this one, see
for the reason.

> 3. Added a debug callback function. I use this to print messages to the log
> file instead of cout

I'm not sure about this, the debug messages are meant to be debug
messages, not general-purpose error messages displayed to the user.


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