Help with using the libraries (Ricardo Crespo)

Lars Wehmeyer Lars.Wehmeyer at
Tue Apr 26 11:10:30 CEST 2011

Hi Ricardo,

this has nothing to do with TagLib, so the question would better be 
asked somewhere else, but just a couple of pointers to set you off in 
the right direction:

  - #include directives are for header files, not libraries. Make sure 
you have the taglib include directory in your list of include 
directories for your project. If you get "Include file not found" errors 
during compilation, the compiler can't find the headers.

  - To include the libraries, make sure to add them to the list of 
libraries your project links against. First compile taglib into a 
library, then add the generated library file to your project.

Hope this helps.


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