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Ricardo Crespo ricardocrespo at
Fri Apr 22 20:56:36 CEST 2011

Good evening,

I write to you because I'm stuck on something and would like to request your
help. I have been trying to include the taglib libraries to an existing
project so that I may invoke and use them but I have had little success.
Although I have a few years of experience writing programs, I am
unexperienced when it comes to C++, mostly its enviroment, here is what I
have tried.

- I first tried moving all the source code into my project source code
folder but it doesn't compiles this way.
- I compiled it using CMake like the INSTALL file says to do then in the
solution (which holds several projects, like tag, ALL_BUILD, ZERO_CHECK,
etc) I tried to create my own project but it doesn't recognizes the
libraries when I try to #include, says it doesn't exists.
- Compile again with CMake and add the generated solution to my existing
project, same thing happens, it does not recognize the libraries when I try
to type an #include in my own code.
- I compiled again with CMake, this time enabling the option to build the
examples also, thinking I could just replace the code in the executable
example with whatever I wanted (in my case my GUI) but seems like Visual
Studio needs the project to be defined as an application with a GUI since
the beginning.

What I basically would like to do is just take the libraries and add them to
my existing project which has a GUI, how can I achieve this? The enviroment
I'm using is Visual Studio. My experience with reusing code in the past has
been basically take one file or two into the source folder and re-use the
functions but it seems like I was naive to think it would work the same with
a big project like taglib. Thank you for your attention and your time.


-Ricardo C.
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