Денис Матвеев de-denis at
Fri Nov 5 17:50:59 CET 2010


I really liked your Library TagLib. Really easy, nice and comfortable. But I am writing because I have a problem. Upon receipt of the tags in Linux (Gentoo) everything is fine, ie I get the tags for all file extensions. In Windows XP SP3 (recently installed) I can the same software code to get tags for all files with any extensions other than "*.wma". Since I know that in the description of the library says that she can read wma-tag, it means that something is wrong. 
Programming languages like Qt. The error occurs in the following location: 

0	qDebug() << QString(dir+"/";
1	TagLib::FileRef f(QString(dir+"/";
2	if( ! f.isNull())
3	{
4		sit0 = new QTableWidgetItem(f.tag()->artist().toCString(true));
Row 0 displays the full filename (with path to it). On the example I have brought: 
D:/Battalions of fear/01 Fecade of Reality.wma

On line 1, there are no errors. But in line 2, it turns out that f.isNull() is true and the body of a conditional statement is skipped. If I remove check isNull() and pass through the line 4 then get an error: 
TagLib: FileRef::tag() - Called without a valid file.

Prompt, may be in Windows XP SP3 should be something extra installed? I will share any data. Thank you so much for the nice library. 

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