No implementation of Taglib::File interface for APE format

Alessandro Tucci intucci at
Mon May 24 16:16:23 CEST 2010

Hi everybody,
I was trying to use the tagreader and the tagwriter examples, respectively to read tags from and put tags into an APE file.
I wasn't able to do it (obviously), therefore I read through taglib code and I saw that APE tags are supported, but an object of the class FileRef cannot create a File object from an APE file. Therefore, there is no proper "case" in the case-switch construct used in FileRef.cpp (FileRef::create) to recognize the file format and instantiate the corresponding File object. In fact, there's no implementation of the Taglib::File interface for the APE file format. Is there any plan to add full support for Monkey Audio's file type?
Thanks for your attention,
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