checksum of raw audio data

rengels ralf.engels at
Mon Mar 29 15:30:54 CEST 2010

ext Patrick Fischer wrote:
> Hello
> This is my first post in this list.
> I'm trying to write a c++ prog which should calc a checkusum about the 
> raw audio data. I will refind a file even if the tags are changed.
> How can i create the checksum.
> I think i can use the TagLib::ByteVector::checksum (  )  const
> but how can i get a ByteVector of the audio data?

Isn't that what MusicBrainz is doing?
Also Amarok is adding an id tag to MP3s. So you can move the files and 
your statistics (playcount, rating. Those are not stored in tags by 
Amarok) are not lost.


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