No error when saving MP4 files

Manfred Schwind lists at
Thu Jun 24 16:58:15 CEST 2010


I recently had a write protected AAC file, but taglib returned no error when saving the file after having modified some tags. (The save() method returned true.)
I looked into the source and discovered the following:

MP4::File::save() directly calls MP4::Tag::save() and returns its result.
But MP4::Tag::save() ALWAYS returns true!

Isn't this clearly a bug? I want to know if my file operation was successful.
I can work around the write protected case by checking forehand if the file is writable, but this is really just a hack and does not cover all cases that can go wrong.
Another idea would be to read the file again after the write operation and check if my changes are there.

Any chances that this will be fixed?

I took a quick look into the sources for MPEG files, and there seems to be much much more error checking code.


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