mpeg4 reverse dns tag reading

Glenn McCord glenn.mccord at
Mon Jun 14 03:10:16 CEST 2010

Is it possible to read reverse dns atoms from mpeg4 files that are
outside the meta tag. Although iTunes atoms can be read, Serato atoms
are located at the very end of the file and taglib doesn't seem to be
able to read them

If I use something like...

TagLib::MP4::ItemListMap ilm = tag->itemListMap();
for(TagLib::MP4::ItemListMap::ConstIterator it = ilm.begin(); it !=
ilm.end(); ++it)
        cout << (*it).first << endl;

...then I get the itunes reverse dns atoms, i.e.

...but the Serato atoms, which are along the lines of
com.serato.scratchlive, are not.

At the moment I suspect I'm going to have to edit taglib's code so
that reverse dns atoms outside the meta ataom can be read.



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