Some tag read/write issue

黃瑞昌 richard0610 at
Wed Jul 14 17:47:53 CEST 2010

Dear ALL:

some problem

1.Can taglib read/write

Lyricist ( "TEXT" )
Lyrics ( "USLT" )

I had modify some function by myslef to read "TBPM" ( some tag that havn't
implement API)
but when I want to read "USLT",it fail that read with empy string.

2.Can I remain ID3V1 ?

I found that we can write tag into ID3V1 & ID3V2.
We also can write tag into ID3V2 only, but ID3V1 will be erase.
Can I remain old V1 value without change it?

The feature why I need it because iTunes store it's private tag in ID3V1
Comment tag.
If we erase ID3V1 tag
It will effact iTunes private database.

So I think that I need this option.

Thank you all. :)

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