taglib fails to read *.ape tags

Alessandro Tucci intucci at hotmail.it
Fri Jul 9 14:39:22 CEST 2010

maybe you are new to this mailing list. The current official version of TagLib does not support APE tags, that's true; on the other hand, a plodding collegue of ours (Alex Novichkov) implemented such support one-two weeks ago, but he did not commit his patch to the development branch. Anyway, he attached the necessary source files to the message he sent to this mailing list; moreover, he provided the necessary information to integrate his files into the TagLib 1.6.3 source tree and compile the whole thing. The subject of the conversation is "APE file support" and the message with the source files was sent on 29th June 2010. The instructions for the integration, instead, can be found in the subsequent messages of the conversation.
Hope this helps.

Date: Fri, 9 Jul 2010 08:43:36 +0800
From: iwnking at gmail.com
To: taglib-devel at kde.org
Subject: taglib fails to read *.ape tags

I use taglib1.6.3.Everythink is excellent but it 
does't recognize ape files.I have tried several ape file and none of them can be 
read properly.Doesn't taglib support APE?

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