Detect whether or not an id3v1 tag exists

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Fri Dec 10 19:59:00 CET 2010


I poked around the SVN repo for a couple of minutes and found that
Wheeler added the two lines on a commit at 12:46:13 AM, Thursday,
January 31, 2008. He doesn't comment to why he add's those specific
lines, except his in-code comment "Make sure that we have our default
tag types available.".

It's running just fine for me also with those two lines commented out.
I'm thinking this is a bug. Maybe he left those lines there on
accident. Is there a way to suggest this change to the official

Joel Verhagen

On Fri, Dec 10, 2010 at 12:32 PM, Jim <jmartin92 at> wrote:
> Joel Verhagen wrote:
>> I have looked more on this topic and even raised the question on
>> StackOverflow, so my C++ superiors could take a look:
>> .
>> Hexagon points out that at the end of the MPEG::File::read function is
>> a call to ID3v2Tag(true); and ID3v1Tag(true);
>> Does anyone know why this is here? In the meantime, I created three
>> replacement functions bool hasID3v2(), bool hasID3v1(), bool hasAPE()
>> that pass through the internal boolean used to say whether or not the
>> MPEG file has ID3v1/ID3v2/APE tags.
>> Joel Verhagen
> Hi Joel.
> I have also wondered about the tag creation that takes place in
> MPEG::File::read.  I can't figure out the reason for that being there and it
> does break the report return of a null for both ID3v2Tag() and ID3v1Tag().
> Maybe someone can dig through the SVN repo and figure out when it was added and
> why.  But I have commented out those two lines of code and it doesn't seem to
> break anything that I've noticed so you could use that as a temporary fix.
> (I did see on your stackoverflow question that you were worried about possible
> errors but if you comment out the code and test your app you might find errors
> that didn't come up for me and that could give us a clue as to why the code is
> there in the first place.)
> Jim
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