Encoding Tool

Jim jmartin92 at comcast.net
Fri Dec 10 11:16:40 CET 2010

Joel Verhagen wrote:
> Can TagLib read what tool was used to encode an MP3? For example, I can 
> do a plain-text search in the binary contents of an MP3 I have and see 
> that LAME3.98.3 was used to encode it.
> Joel Verhagen

Hi Joel.

I don't think this is something TagLib can do.  For the file that you mentioned 
in your email, what you are probably seeing is part of the LAME Tag which is 
extra information sometimes included in the first frame.

As far as I know, there is no simple way of doing this across all encoders.  I 
think you'd have to search the file for different extra "tags" (like the LAME 
Tag) or analyze/compare the structure of the frames and then from make a best 
guess.  There used to be some applications which tried to do this (mp3guessenc 
or encspot?)  and you might be able to find some source code for them but I 
think that capability is beyond TagLib's scope.


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