TagLib vs. TagLibSharp: Milliseconds and 0 length durations

James O. houndeyex at gmail.com
Wed Dec 8 06:51:50 CET 2010

Hello all,

I'm attempting to use TagLib for the first time (coming from C# and the
TagLibSharp port) and am having more difficulties than I expected. The
latest of these is differences I'm noticing between TagLibSharp and TagLib.
I'm not sure why these differences exist, as I thought TagLibSharp was just
a port of TagLib.

There are two big differences I've noticed so far:

   1. TagLib reports all durations in seconds. TagLibSharp reports all
   durations in milliseconds. I could live without the extra accuracy (assuming
   it rounds), but I'm curious why it is different in the first place.
   2. I have several files that report 0 length and 0 bitrate. These files
   don't seem to be anything that uncommon, they're reported as 192 kbps CBR
   MP3s. TagLibSharp reads them fine, but I cannot determine the differences
   between the two libraries looking at the source (though I've tried).

If needed, I could attach one of these MP3s for examination. If anyone can
help, I have an active Stack Overflow question with a *+50 Bounty* ending in
~23 hours. I'd happily award points to anyone who can help.

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