read tag wma in 1.6

靳凯 jinkai at
Wed Apr 14 13:50:45 CEST 2010

hello everyone,
I have  a question to ask ,
when I want to read  wma tag info,
in my PC,it works well,but in a cross platform board,mp3 ok,but wma not ,
f.isNull()         true
f.tag() is always 0x0    
if the file path what I pass is wrong?why mp3 format is correct?            

I use the example/readertag.cpp,in QT4.5+ACE-
readtag(QString filename)
    TagLib::FileRef f(filename.toUtf8().data())+ADs-
    if(+ACE-f.isNull() +ACYAJg- f.tag()) +AHs-
      TagLib::Tag +ACo-tag +AD0- f.tag()+ADs-
      cout +ADwAPA- +ACI--- TAG --+ACI- +ADwAPA- endl+ADs-
      cout +ADwAPA- +ACI-title   - +AFwAIgAi- +ADwAPA- tag-+AD4-title()   +ADwAPA- +ACIAXAAiACI- +ADwAPA- endl+ADs-
      cout +ADwAPA- +ACI-artist  - +AFwAIgAi- +ADwAPA- tag-+AD4-artist()  +ADwAPA- +ACIAXAAiACI- +ADwAPA- endl+ADs-
      cout +ADwAPA- +ACI-album   - +AFwAIgAi- +ADwAPA- tag-+AD4-album()   +ADwAPA- +ACIAXAAiACI- +ADwAPA- endl+ADs-
      cout +ADwAPA- +ACI-year    - +AFwAIgAi- +ADwAPA- tag-+AD4-year()    +ADwAPA- +ACIAXAAiACI- +ADwAPA- endl+ADs-
      cout +ADwAPA- +ACI-comment - +AFwAIgAi- +ADwAPA- tag-+AD4-comment() +ADwAPA- +ACIAXAAiACI- +ADwAPA- endl+ADs-
      cout +ADwAPA- +ACI-track   - +AFwAIgAi- +ADwAPA- tag-+AD4-track()   +ADwAPA- +ACIAXAAiACI- +ADwAPA- endl+ADs-
      cout +ADwAPA- +ACI-genre   - +AFwAIgAi- +ADwAPA- tag-+AD4-genre()   +ADwAPA- +ACIAXAAiACI- +ADwAPA- endl+ADs-

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