Writing binary data to APE Item

Алексей Новичков novichko at atnet.ru
Tue Apr 13 17:56:54 CEST 2010

Hi, is there any possibility to write into an APE Item some arbitrary 
binary data that contains zero bytes? I'm implementing the "Cover Art 
(front)" tag (which is supposedly compatible with Tag&Rename) where 
cover description is separated from the actual cover data by '\0'.
I was trying this:

QByteArray data = ...//image data

TagLib::APE::Item item;
item.setKey("Cover Art (front)");
item.setValue(TagLib::String(data.data())); //???

but this won't work.

Maybe I should parse() an item?

P.S. In my Windows sources I added APE::Item::setValue(const 
ByteVector&) function and compiled TagLib, but in Linux I cannot do it.

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