Genre becomes a Numeric value

Michael Smith msmith at
Wed Sep 16 06:18:45 CEST 2009

On Tue, Sep 15, 2009 at 9:03 PM, Jeff Mitchell <mitchell at> wrote:
> Manfred Schwind wrote:
>>>> I recently tested taglib. Great piece of software! But I discovered
>>>> something strange: I have an MP3 file whose Genre shows up e.g. as
>>>> "Rock". But after rewriting the Tag with taglib, it becomes e.g.
>>>> "17".
>>>> Is this a known bug?
>>> That's normal - the ID3 format allows you to do that.
>>> It should still display in application as the correct thing - "Rock"
>>> in this case.
>>> Unfortunately, iTunes implements this incorrectly (I reported the bug
>>> to apple some months ago, but haven't heard back). I'm attaching a
>>> patch I wrote to work around this.
>> OK, thanks!
>> I looked into the sources and also found a solution that works for me.
>> Yes, I'm looking with iTunes at the files. First it was "Rock", after
>> rewriting the tag with taglib, it was "17".
>> After looking into the source of ID3v2::Tag::setGenre the workaround
>> was pretty easy:
>> I just do a tag->setGenre(tag->genre()); before saving now ...
>> ;-)
> Note that there are already various workarounds for iTunes bugs in
> TagLib, which can be toggled at build time. If this was indeed reported
> before, it may actually have a fix in existence but just not activated
> by default.

I don't think there is - my patch adds another itunes-bug-workaround,
protected by the same #define as the others - though my patch is
against a slightly older version of taglib, and it's possible it's
been independently fixed in upstream taglib since.


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