Genre becomes a Numeric value

Manfred Schwind lists at
Tue Sep 15 22:48:43 CEST 2009

>> I recently tested taglib. Great piece of software! But I discovered
>> something strange: I have an MP3 file whose Genre shows up e.g. as
>> "Rock". But after rewriting the Tag with taglib, it becomes e.g.  
>> "17".
>> Is this a known bug?
> That's normal - the ID3 format allows you to do that.
> It should still display in application as the correct thing - "Rock"
> in this case.
> Unfortunately, iTunes implements this incorrectly (I reported the bug
> to apple some months ago, but haven't heard back). I'm attaching a
> patch I wrote to work around this.

OK, thanks!
I looked into the sources and also found a solution that works for me.
Yes, I'm looking with iTunes at the files. First it was "Rock", after  
rewriting the tag with taglib, it was "17".
After looking into the source of ID3v2::Tag::setGenre the workaround  
was pretty easy:
I just do a tag->setGenre(tag->genre()); before saving now ...


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