TagLib 1.6 RC1

Lukáš Lalinský lalinsky at gmail.com
Thu Sep 3 22:20:16 CEST 2009


I'm happy to finally announce TagLib 1.6 RC1. I apologize it took a
little longer than I expected. There have been a number of bug fixes
since the last release. TagLib 1.6 also brings support for four new
file formats (MP4, ASF, AIFF and WAV) and a few new ID3v2 frames.
Thanks to everybody who contributed patches! See below for detailed
change log.

I'd like to ask you to test this version and report any problem you
encounter. If things will go well, I'm hoping to release TagLib 1.6
next weekend. Also check the API documentation and let us know about
any new classes/methods with missing or unclear documentation. Thank

TagLib 1.6 will be the last release in 1.x series. The next release
will be 2.0, which will be both source code and binary incompatible
with previous versions.

Source code

API documentation

Changes since version 1.5

 * Split Ogg packets larger than 64k into multiple pages. (BUG:171957)
 * TagLib can now use FLAC padding block. (BUG:107659)
 * ID3v2.2 frames are now not incorrectly saved. (BUG:176373)
 * Support for ID3v2.2 PIC frames. (BUG:167786)
 * Fixed a bug in ByteVectorList::split().
 * XiphComment::year() now falls back to YEAR if DATE doesn't exist
and XiphComment::year() falls back to TRACKNUM if TRACKNUMBER doesn't
exist. (BUG:144396)
 * Improved ID3v2.3 genre parsing. (BUG:188578)
 * Better checking of corrupted ID3v2 APIC data. (BUG:168382)
 * Bitrate calculating using the Xing header now uses floating point
numbers. (BUG:172556)
 * New TagLib::String method rfind().
 * Added support for MP4 file format with iTunes-style metadata [optional].
 * Added support for ASF (WMA) file format [optional].
 * Fixed crash when saving a Locator APEv2 tag. (BUG:169810)
 * Fixed a possible crash in the non-const version of
String::operator[] and in String::operator+=. (BUG:169389)
 * Added support for PRIV ID3v2 frames.
 * Empty ID3v2 genres are no longer treated as numeric ID3v1 genres.
 * Added support for the POPM (rating/playcount) ID3v2 frame.
 * Generic RIFF file format support:
   * Support for AIFF files with ID3v2 tags.
   * Support for WAV files with ID3v2 tags.
 * Fixed crash on handling unsupported ID3v2 frames, e.g. on encrypted
frames. (BUG:161721)
 * Fixed overflow while calculating bitrate of FLAC files with a very
high bitrate.

Lukas Lalinsky
lalinsky at gmail.com

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