Changes to write ID3v2.3 tags and unsynchronization

Michael Smith msmith at
Fri Oct 23 08:56:45 CEST 2009

> On Oct 23, 2009, at 8:12 AM, Jonathan Potter wrote:
>> Hi Scott,
>> (I tried to post this message to the list twice but it never showed
>> up, even though I am subscribed and getting emails. Figured I'd send
>> it to you directly in case you were interested)
>> I've been working with taglib for a little while, integrating it
>> into our product (Directory Opus, a Windows file manager). I'd like
>> to say I think you've all done a great job – it's a really nicely
>> designed library and seems to work very well from what little we've
>> seen of it so far.
>> After working with it for a while we came to the realisation that we
>> really needed to be able to write ID3v2.3 tags, as it seems like
>> most Windows-based software (including Windows Media Player) still
>> doesn't support ID3v2.4. Therefore I've made a number of changes to
>> taglib to support this (it didn't actually end up being very
>> difficult).

I'd certainly be interested in that - I looked into what would be
needed a while back, and it didn't look too hard - so please send your
patches to the list! Some of us would certainly be interested in using
it, even if Lukas doesn't think it's appropriate for upstream.

>> I've also added support for unsynchronisation (both on a per-frame
>> level for 2.4 as well as a whole tag level for 2.3) – although it
>> seems like so few programs properly support unsynchronisation (at
>> least with ID3v2.3) that I'm not sure how useful this is.

Yeah, from the point of view of completeness it'd be nice to have this
in the library - but in practice it's simply not very important.


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