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On Tue, Oct 20, 2009 at 12:10 PM, Martin Obreshkov
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> Hi about your post
>> Thanks, that's great. What's missing is storing of the atom flag in
>> MP4::Item. In case of the covr atom it can be:
>> 0x0D = JPEG
>> 0x0E = PNG
> in MP4::Atom there is no implementation of reading atoms flags so i thing i
> will have to read them by myself :)
> But i couldn't find much info about it, can you tell me what is the format
> of the flags, are they stored right after (4 bytes atom length + 4 bytes
> atom name)

You should create a modified version of MP4::Tag::parseData. That
function already parses correctly the data atom (which is format <4b
int size> <4b char name> <4b int flags> <data>), but but doesn't save
the flags. It only uses it compare to the expected flag for the atom.

Lukas Lalinsky
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