Issue copying IDv2 TCON frames with a v1 genre reference

Michael Smith msmith at
Fri Nov 13 23:33:17 CET 2009

On Fri, Nov 13, 2009 at 2:25 PM, patrick machielse <patrick at> wrote:
> Op 13 nov 2009, om 23:00 heeft Lukáš Lalinský het volgende geschreven:
>>> TCON (42)
>>> When copied to a new v2 tag, the frame is written out like this:
>>> TCON 42
>>> Which is interpreted as a custom genre "42".
>> It shouldn't be interpretted as a genre "42" by TagLib or any
>> application that supports ID2v2.4. The conversion it does is correct
>> -- TCON with a value "(42)" is the way to write ID3v1-style genres in
>> ID3v2.3, "42" is the way to do it in ID3v2.4. Writing "(42)" to a
>> ID3v2.4 frame would be incorrect (TagLib can only write ID3v2.4 tags).
> Blast, it seems you're right. I only looked up the v2.3 specs... So, in sum: TagLib is doing the right thing and iTunes (latest version) seems to map numeric values in 2.4/TCON incorrectly (or not at all).
> Mike wrote:
>> Note that itunes can't handle v2.4-style numeric genres. Taglib, as of
>> 1.6 I think, won't write out a numeric genre ever (well, unless you
>> disable the itunes hacks), it'll always expand them to the string
>> form.
> Hmm, I'll submit a report to Apple's bugreporter. Well, it can't hurt...

I've done that already. I think they marked it as a duplicate, which
means it disappears into never-to-be-seen-again land. Still, more
people complaining won't hurt.

> I'm building my own TagLib framework, but I've done nothing special to disable the iTunes hacks. Or should I actively enable them? I'll look into it.

I believe they're on by default.


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