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Jeff Mitchell mitchell at kde.org
Wed Nov 4 19:31:13 CET 2009

Michael Smith wrote:
> Personally, I like bugzilla. It's a horrible UI, but despite this it's
> a better bug tracker than anything else I've used. However, taglib is
> a "small" project - it doesn't get a huge number of bug reports, nor
> does it have a lot of active developers. So, I don't really think a
> powerful bug tracker is all that essential - using something the
> maintainer is familiar with and happy using is more important.
> Getting existing reports into the new system is pretty important though.

JIRA is an excellent bugtracker but is non-FOSS (but they give free
licenses to FOSS projects). FlySpray seems to be quite good too.

I do agree that maintaining history is important, though. If it's too
difficult to export history out, I don't actually have any problem with
Bugzilla either.

>> working on some incompatible things. So, so far I've heard requests
>> about moving to Git, but unfortunately this isn't really an option for
>> me. I'd like to do this:
>>  * Keep TagLib 1.x in SVN, with a Bazaar mirror
>>  * Use Bazaar for TagLib 2.x
>> Any objections to this? (I'm mainly looking for opinions of people who
>> contributed patches to TagLib or have a custom version of TagLib.
>> Please, let's not turn this to a general VCS discussion.)
> bzr is not my favourite system, but moving on from svn is a goal I
> agree with. bzr is capable and usable, so that'd be fine with me. I
> wouldn't personally bother with a bzr mirror of the 1.x tree, but I
> have no particular objection to it existing. I don't have commit
> access to taglib at the moment, so all my patches have just gone to
> bugzilla and been committed by others (i.e. you :-), so probably my
> opinion here doesn't count too heavily.

I'm also not a fan of bzr and would prefer git or hg. However, I realize
that as a bzr developer, it'd be kind of awkward for you to use
something else...


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