2.0 branch

rengels ralf.engels at nokia.com
Wed May 27 18:19:07 CEST 2009

I am wondering,
has something been done for the 2.0 branch?

Could we do something soon. I have two weeks of time on my hands and I
would do something for taglib.

Actually when I have some time there is a big amount that I can get done
but only if nothing stops me.

So a 2.0 branch where I could fiddle around would be most welcome.

if you are having a deja-vu feeling about the e-mail above then you are not imagining things. I send the same email end of February. Obviously nothing has happened and the two weeks of time were spend with doing some other things like flying model airplanes and watching True Blood.
But the time has come to do something for real.
If nothing is happening I am prepared to work start the 2.0 branch by myself. 
Everybody is invited to participate of course.

Scott, I would love to involve you, but I am not willing to wait much longer.


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