Build with Taglib Statically/Dynamically with MSVC

Tony Pombo mcp at
Sat Mar 14 09:06:15 CET 2009

I have created a "Visual Studio 2008 Solution" for taglib 1.5.  I used cmake
to create the projects, and it works.  But, it produces "dirty" project
files full of unnecessary/inappropriate options and doesn't use relative
paths.  Basically, cmake's output is difficult to manage.  After cleaning up
the cmake output, I realized it would have been faster and better to create
the projects from scratch.  So I did, and I'm willing to share my work.


If you are interested, just email me and I'll reply with a zip file and
directions.  Someday, I post it on the web.


This is an update from one I posted in December 2008.  There are a couple
minor changes/fixes, and there is a new project called taglib.lib that can
be used for static linking of taglib.  I have two versions available:
taglib 1.5 RTM, and SVN as of 3/7/09.


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