Problem with genre reading

Tony Pombo mcp at
Mon Mar 2 18:32:32 CET 2009

I have an mp3 file with  properly formatted ID3v2.3 and ID3v1.1 tags.

The genre is set to Soundtrack, and is stored correctly as (24) in the TCON
frame and as 0x18 in the ID3v1 tag.

When I execute the following lines:

     TagLib::MPEG::File f(filename);;

Taglib strips off the parenthesis and stores 24 in the TCON frame.
Obviously, this is not the same.  My music players now display the genre as
"24" instead of "Soundtrack".


After tracing through the code, "FrameFactory::updateGenre" is clearly
designed to do this.  The ID3v2.3/4 specification explicitly allows the use
of v1 genres in v2 tags when the number is enclosed in parenthesis.


So, is this a mistake, or do I not understand something?


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