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Jeff Mitchell mitchell at
Fri Jun 26 17:09:17 CEST 2009

rengels wrote:
> On Friday 26 June 2009 15:54:54 ext Jeff Mitchell wrote:
>> Scott Wheeler wrote:
>>> On Jun 16, 2009, at 10:58 AM, Jeff Mitchell wrote:
>>>> I'd like to propose that we make this easier on Scott -- if people
>>>> with
>>>> a history of (good/solid) hacking on taglib that Scott trusts can
>>>> figure
>>>> out the bugs (and leave comments, not close them) and vet the patches
>>>> (and leave comments, not apply them), he can just read through the
>>>> bugs
>>>> and patches boom-boom-boom and close and them off.
>>> Yep -- I'm essentially fine with this.  And for the record, I actually
>>> still read all commits to TagLib even when I'm strapped for time.
>>> -Scott
>> Excellent.
>> So we seem to have a way forward then -- we can get a 1.6 release out
>> with all the various bugfixes, and then in a short while I should be
>> able to have an official KDE Git repo set up for taglib 2.0 development.
>> So the next question is: any volunteers willing and/or able to grok the
>> patches, close the bugs, etc?
>> --Jeff
> Don't have subversion access, but I would be willing to finalize the 
> outstanding 1.6 work first before continuing with 2.0

You don't need it -- my suggestion was that people that have the
technical know-how (i.e. not necessarily in terms of code but also the
relevant tag specs) vet the patches and leave comments for Scott
detailing whether they think the patches are good/valid, whether they
apply/compile cleanly, and if they've been run through any tests with files.

Scott can still commit the patches and close the bugs -- he just doesn't
have to do all the busywork himself.


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