Started 2.0 branch

rengels ralf.engels at
Wed Jun 17 16:08:21 CEST 2009

On Tue, 2009-06-16 at 19:58 +0200, ext Jeff Mitchell wrote:
> Peter van Hardenberg wrote:
> > Agreed! Let's not crap on the tree. (Just yet.) Let's start 2.0 over in Git-land.
> things are more finalized.
> The reason I'd prefer the first option (waiting) is that if Scott is
> amenable to it, I have a suggestion:
> Scott releases when he has time to close all taglib bugs (which may mean
> writing fixes), vet all taglib patches, and do the release.  Much of the
> problem is that right now he has very little time to do this.
> I'd like to propose that we make this easier on Scott -- if people with
> a history of (good/solid) hacking on taglib that Scott trusts can figure
> out the bugs (and leave comments, not close them) and vet the patches
> (and leave comments, not apply them), he can just read through the bugs
> and patches boom-boom-boom and close and them off.  By doing this, we
> could maybe get a 1.6 release out, which is badly needed by those many
> projects that are using taglib that do not have highly customized
> versions or are running from trunk.  During that time I'd be working on
> the Git stuff, and soon after 1.6 is out the door, we could start 2.0
> development in a Git repo in a hopefully finalized place, so that people
> don't have to swap around their remote locations in the middle of things
> (which I know is easy, but that's not the point :-) )
> Thoughts (especially from you, Scott)?  Anyone willing to step up if
> Scott's okay with this?
> --Jeff

Hi Jeff and Peter,
I agree that this would be the best solution.

Starting a 2.0 branch just like that is only a good solution if you
don't want to look back.
If Scott could be motivated to start an official 1.6 and a 2.0 after
that or if he could at least nominate a new maintainer, that would be a
much better way.

If that is not going forward, here is my current status:

Changed everything except the tests to the new flexible way of getting
and setting information.
I am doing the test now and then will release my work in a subversion
If everybody agrees that git is the best way to continue, then we could
also use a git repository. 


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