Started 2.0 branch

rengels ralf.engels at
Wed Jun 10 18:09:35 CEST 2009

Hi all,
just wanted to inform you.

I started the 2.0 branch myself.

Currently changing the static 'setTitle' setters and getters in
something that looks like the Qt 'QVariant' style.

currently it looks like this:
      virtual String toString(Type type) const;
      virtual uint toUint(Type type) const;
      virtual bool setValue(Type type, const String &value);
      virtual bool setValue(Type type, uint value);

This would allow an easy addition to the list of supported meta types. 
I guess we will also need additional types like a string list (as
supported by id3v2 tags)

Maybe somebody knows a free subversion hoster. The one that I tried
takes three days to reply so it might not be the best selection after

Please also send me patches.

I will keep you informed.

Best Regards,

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